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Summer Showcase 2022

Production Team:
Producers -
  Lorna Capewell, Alicia Hartley, George Newsome
Musical Directors - Gabrielle Aubert, Jonathan Peniket
Welfare Officer - Kate Redding
Runners - Reuben Khan, Yasmine Savage, Vincent Klein
Project Manager - Theo Toth
Graphic Design - Jonny Wellington
With thanks to: TechSoc and Alex Timotheou
Directors and Mini-Musicals:
Be More Chill - Lissy Foyle, Matt Edwards 
Carrie - Ellie Carrier, Katie Taylor
Firebringer - Nicole Kilama, Jamie Williams
Waitress - Ella Fellows-Moore, Louie Roberts 
Matilda - Ella Hodgson, Emily Neale 
The Prom - Nathan Livingstone, Romilly Swingler
Photography by Joly Black and Anna Gallon
Be More  Chill
The Prom
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