CHMS is all about our community of students who love musical theatre!

Backstage Antics

Have a look at some photos our members have sent in of their memories performing with CHMS!


Click for information and photos from our CHMS socials - or showcials!


See our CHMS alumni page with information about how we involve our alumni in current projects!


Our aim at CHMS is to provide incredible performance opportunities for all of our members to get involved in. Be that in cast or crew and this extends throughout the process. If you are ever struggling or not finding your experience enjoyable please don't hesitate to contact our Welfare Rep or Executive Committee members, and we will try our best to help you with any issues and signpost you to all relevant help that the University can provide. Know that you are never alone when you are a part of the CHMS Family. 

We have a termly feedback form for you to voice any comments or concerns that may arise. If you are struggling, have a look through our Welfare Pack for more information.