Central Hall Musical Society (CHMS) is the musical theatre society at the University of York. We are devoted to the production of various shows across the York campus and city throughout the year, whilst also being entirely student run. The society gets its name from the iconic ‘Central Hall’ building centred at the heart of the University, which used to hold our flagship event of each year, a large scale Musical in February, until our move to the Joseph Rowntree Theatre.

In recent years the society has expanded rapidly, with it now being commonplace to hold multiple shows per term, whilst the February spectacle still remains the society's chief performance. Our most recent February shows have been Chicago, Legally Blonde and Sister Act! Keep an eye on our social media for updates about our next Feb show, 9 to 5. As a society we are focused on providing opportunities for all our members, both on and off the stage.

We also put on three showcases a year which aim to get everyone involved, as everyone who auditions gets a place in the cast. There is one such showcase each term, so there's lots of opportunity to perform with our society!

Get in contact with us here, find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or email us directly.