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Our aim at CHMS is to provide a friendly and safe space for all of our members to get involved in performance opportunities. If you are ever struggling or not finding your experience enjoyable please don't hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to help you with any issues and signpost you to all relevant help that the University can provide. We are also always open to hearing feedback and suggestions from our members on this form. Know that you are never alone when you are a part of the CHMS Family.
Key Contact Information
Welfare and Committee

Here at CHMS, we understand the need for a friendly point of contact for society members to talk to about where they might get help concerning issues of their own. The Chair is the first point of call for any welfare-based concerns, with the Community and Wellbeing Officer being the second: you can find their contact details above. With regards to Welfare, the jobs of both the Chair and the Community and Wellbeing Officer is the same: to actively listen to any issues that arise, whether that involves CHMS projects or personal issues. They can also signpost services and support that can be found from professionals.

Each of our shows and showcases will have a Welfare Rep, the contact details for which will be updated on this page and should be available on the show/showcase Instagram accounts as they become available.

How to go about raising an issue...

Do you have an issue you'd like to discuss?

As a first point of contact, particularly if your issue relates to a particular show or showcase you should talk to your show/showcase Welfare Rep. Then your issue can be raised further to the society Welfare Officer and then to the Exec Committee if required or requested.

Have you witnessed/been made aware of a serious incident between society members?

If you witness a serious incident that is an emergency - Call Campus Security on 01904 32 3333 (when on campus) or emergency services on 999 (when off campus).

Feeling under pressure because of a show or showcase?

Please reach out to the Chair or Community and Wellbeing Officer- they may be unaware that your efforts for the production is putting you under pressure and they want to do their best to help.

External Support
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