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Sunshine On Leith

Sunshine on Leith Poster.jpg
As two Edinburgh-born soldiers, Davy and Ally, eagerly return from a tour in Afghanistan, they have to navigate a new reality- normal life! While Davy's sister, Liz, resumes her romance with Ally, Liz's friend and work colleague Yvonne falls for Davy. All seems calm until the fallout from the 25th wedding anniversary of Davy and Liz's parents, Jean and Rab- but will it be alright in the end? Featuring a spectacular smorgasbord of Scottish songs courtesy of The Proclaimers (including I'm On My Way, (I'm Gonne Be) 500 Miles, Misty Blue, Letter From America, Over And Done With), this show strives to sprinkle some sunshine onto the sometimes soggy streets of York! This theatrical extravaganza is not to be missed, so check out their Instagram page for more details and some behind the scenes footage, or go to their YuStart page if you'd like to donate to support CHMS' February Show 2023!
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Davy -
Will Parsons
Ally - Will Harvey
Liz - Darcey Chambers
Yvonne - Kayla Vicente
Rab - Vincent Klein
Jean - Lotty Farmer
Eilidh - Kira Shell
Young Jean - Ellie Carrier
Young Rab/Drunk - Ollie Kingston
Hazel -
Ella Coldron

Carl - Aidan Loft
Ensemble - Annabella Stoll
 Ensemble - Corbyn Smithers
Moira - Emily Neale
 Instructor - Emily O'Gorman
Ensemble - Emma McGreevy
Ensemble/Dance Captain - Faye Slater
Ensemble - Freya Parsons
Ensemble - Izzy Head
Ensemble/Dance Captain - Izzy Palmer
Andy - Josh Liew
Karen - Kat Munro
Chef - Lucy Eddington
Wedding Singer - Lucy Thickett
Ensemble - Sophie Longmore

Production Team:
Producer -
 Tara Bradbury
Director - Romilly Swingler
Musical Director - Vicky Painter
Choreographer - Nathan Livingstone
Assistant Producer - George Strange
Assistant Director - Ruby Scott
Assistant Musical Director - Amy Hutchinson

Costume Designer -
Evie Wells 
Press and Publicity - Bebe Ayaw
Graphic Design - Liz Hazelwood
Fundraising Officer- Katie Rogers
Content Creator - Anna Badea
Dialect Coach - Aidan Russell
Welfare Officers- Amy Hawtin, Harriet Lowery
Stage Manager - Molly Payne
Deputy Stage Manager- Ally Green
Assistant Stage Managers - Eleanor Goodall, Seonaid Bennett

Set Designers - Morgan Goodfellow, Abigail Mortimer
Set Painter - Abi Cherry
Technical Director- Kieran Fowler-Wright
Assistant Technical Director- Francesca Cruz-Tavalora
Lighting Designer- Will Lake
Assistant Lighting Designer - Will Bunn
Sound Designer- Robert Watts
Assistant Sound Designer- Emilly Holmes
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