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Spring Awakening

Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater's uproarious yet dark 2006 rock musical Spring Awakening is an electrifying experience, that centres around teenagers in a small German village in 1981. Here, the oppressive structures upheld by their parents and teachers oppose the awakening sexuality of the teenagers, with sometimes disasterous consequences.
Wendla Bergmann and Melchior Gabor rekindle their childhood friendship, each mesmerised by the other and of the knowledge that their parents and teachers forbid. Melchior's mounting anxiety also exacerbates strange, sexual feelings which force him to question everything he's been taught. His best friend, Moritz Stiefel, is going through a similar crisis, and begs Melchior to write down how exactly 'anatomy' works. All are haunted by the past memories of their wandering friend, and walking cautionary tale, Ilse, their present traumas, and their uncertain futures. 
CHMS performed this hard-hitting show two weeks after 9 to 5, at Theatre @41 in Monkgate, and though this one may have been gloomy, it didn't disappoint! Check out their Instagram
Photography by Francesca Greenlees
Wendla Bergmann -
Amy Hawtin
Melchior Gabor - Josh Liew
Moritz Stiefel - Owen Butcher
Ilse Neumann - Lorn Elvin
Hanschen Rilow - Vincent Klein
Ernst Robel - Ollie Kingston
Martha Bessell - Lily Davies
Georg Zirschnitz/ Understudy Melchior - Reuben Khan
Otto Lammermeier- Felix Wright
Anna - Ella Coldron
Thea - Sami Goldberg
Adult Men - Piers Spicer
Adult Women - Seren Parri
Swing - Joly Black
Swing - Ellie Carrier

Production Team
Producer -
 Joly Black
Director - Abena Abban
Musical Director - Vicky Painter
Movement Director - Ellie Carrier
Assistant Producer - Nicole Kilama
Assistant Director - Romilly Swingler
Assistant Musical Director - Katie Taylor
Costume Design - Beth King, Gracelyn Allette-Morris
Press and Publicity - Tegan Horsfall, Ellen Waters
Stage Manager - Chloe George
Assistant Stage Managers - Tea Prata, Alexandra Greene
Production Manager - Iona Inglis
Accountant and Fundraising - Jess Scrimshire
Welfare- Anna Clark, Tara Bradbury
Rehearsal Accompanist/Piano - Freya Clarke
Content Creation - Francesca Greenlees
Technical Director- Lydia Cooomes
Sound Designer- Aidan Dixon
Lighting Designers- Kieran Fowler-Wright, Lydia Coomes, Ruxi Dedu

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