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It is November 21, 1963, and Eddie and his best friends Boland and Bernstein (The Three Bees) decide to spend their last night before deployment in a “dogfight”: who can find the ugliest girl in town and bring her to a party where she will be judged? The marines enthusiastically jump into the cruel contest. But when Eddie finally finds Rose Fenny, an awkward waitress who has never been on a date, he has a change of heart. She learns about the dogfight, but is determined to not let it define her as an ugly and pathetic girl, and her optimism has a profound effect on Eddie’s worldview. 

Eddie Birdlace - Adam Lambe
Rose Fenny - Jess Field
Boland - Will Harvey
Bernstein - Owen Butcher
Marcy and others - Alicia Hartley
Mama and others - Izzie Norwood
Gibbs and others - Eoin Mc Caffrey
Stevens and others - Jonathan Peniket
Fector and others - Bryn Richards
Ruth Two Bears and others - Molly Moran
Lounge Singer and others - Sam Gavin-Pitt

Production Team

Producer - Lois Attwood
Director - Anna Gallon
Musical Director - Jack Askew
Assistant Producer - Claudia Toma
Assistant Director - Lauran Maxey
Costume Designer - Abena Abban
Stage Management - Mark Ellis
Nia Perks
Deputy Stage Manager - Olivia Clarke
Production Manager - Ariana Dubignon
Sound and Lighting Designer - James Bithell
Welfare - Emily Smith
Press and Publicity - Tara Wilkes



Photography by Luke Snell

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