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Autumn Showcase 2021- A Night At The Awards

Photography by Gabrielle Aubert

Producers - Emily Smith, Owen Butcher
Musical Directors - Aidan Dixon, Jonathan Peniket, Owen Butcher

Technical Manager - Francesca Cruz-Tavolara
Lightning Designers - William Bunn, Emily Dennison
Sound Operators - Nuria Romero Carrillo, Carys Morgan
Directors and Numbers:
'A Musical' - Lissy Foyle
'Dentist!' - Abena Abban
'Why We Build the Wall' - Chloe Nightingale
'You Love Who You Love' - Emily Smith
'Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere' - Tegan Horsfall
'In a Crowd of Thousands' - Felix Wright
'Rose's Turn' - Emily Smith
'Halloween' - Amy Hawtin, Romilly Swingler
'You Will Be Found' - Anna Clark, Tara Wilkes
'Six' - Lily Davies
'I Know Him So Well' - Jonathan Peniket
'What I Did For Love'- Beth King, Sophia Razak
'For Good' - Jonathan Peniket
'I'd Rather Be Me' - Emily Smith, Hannah Bragman
'The Point of No Return' - Felix Wright
'When You're An Addams' - Hannah Bragman
'Dammit, Janet!' - Abena Abban
'One Day More' - Jonathan Peniket

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