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Soirées 2022


Producer: Jonathan Peniket

Musical Director/Accompanist: Jack Askew

Host: Felix Wright


Something's Coming - Danny Djalili

Andante Andante - Emily Rutty

In His Eyes - Ella Hodgson and Romilly Swingler

I'm Not Afraid of Anything - Lissy Foyle

I Believe - Joly Black

Part of Your World - Ingrid Patricia

There Are Worse Things I Could Do - Gabby Green

The Smell of Rebellion - Tegan Horsfall

With You - Tara Wilkes

Funny Girl - Seren Parri

If I Didn't Believe In You - Adam Lambe

I Still Believe - Naomi Record and Izzy Wiacek

Journey to the Past - Izzy Head

As Long As He Needs Me - Tess Merry

I've Got A Little List - Jamie Williams

She Used To Be Mine - Isabella Brunton

Louder Than Words - Aidan Dixon, Emily Smith and Owen Butcher


Producers: Louie Roberts and Katie Taylor

Musical Director/Accompanist: Will Campbell

Host: Louie Roberts


Betrayed - Jamie Williams

So Big, So Small - Nat Noguchi

Flowers - Rianna Majer

They Just Keep Moving The Line - Maya Upmacis

Maybe This Time - Ella Coldron

Can't Help Falling In Love With You - Yaslana Dhugga

All That Jazz - Isabel Azar

You'l Be Back - Milo Morrod

Two Little Girls From Little Rock - Nia Perks and Lucy Thickett

Home- Hannah Hopwood

I Dreamed A Dream - Georgina Railton

Before It's Over - Lily Davies

Still Hurting - Izzy Head

Someone Like Him - Naomi Record

Let Me Be Your Star - Georgia Jasper

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables - Will Parsons


Producer: Reuben Khan

Musical Director/Accompanist: Aidan Dixon

Host: Jamie Williams


I Get A Kick Out of You - Megan Huntley

Why Did It Have To Be Me - Nathan Livingstone and Lucy Eddington

What's The Name of The Game - Amy Hawtin

A Word on My Ear - Katie Taylor

Therapy - Ella Fellows-Moore and Louie Roberts

I Love Play Rehearsal - Matt Edwards

I Cain't Say No - Rowan Houghton

In Short - Charlotte Cross

So Big, So Small - Iona Inglis

Into the Unknown - Ollie Kingston

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again - Beth King

Requiem - Molly Perkins

A Sorta Love Song - Ellie Carrier

When He Sees Me - Nicole Kilama

On Lexington and 52nd Street - Felix Wright

I Didn't Plan It - Lauren Maxey

They Just Keep Moving the Line - Anna Clark

Climbing Uphill - Millie Gee Land

Quiet - Lorna Capewell

Two Little Lines - Lily Davies

Til I Hear You Sing - Owen Butcher

Broadway Here I Come - Eleanor O'Conor

I'll Be Here - Rebecca Jackson

Why God Why - Jonathan Peniket

I'd Give It All For You - Jack Askew and Anna Gallon

It's All Coming Back To Me Now - Alicia Hartley

With thanks to TechSoc for all their assistance, and to the staff at The Lounge for hosting us!

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