9 to 5

Pushed to the boiling point, three female co-workers concoct a plan to get even with the sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot they call their boss. In a hilarious turn of events, Violet, Judy and Doralee live out their wildest fantasy - giving their boss the boot! While Hart remains "otherwise engaged," the women give their workplace a dream makeover, taking control of the company that had always kept them down. Hey, a girl can scheme, can't she?
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Production Team

Producer -
 Hannah Bragman
Director - Lauren Maxey
Musical Director - Aidan Dixon
Choreographer - Eleanor O'Connor

Press and Publicity -  Chloe Nightingale
Judy Bernly -
Anna Gallon
Violet Newstead - Lorna Capewell
Doralee Rhodes - Alicia Hartley
Franklin Hart - Will Harvey
Roz Keith - Izzie Norwood
Joe - Adam Lambe

Aimee Hosein
Anna Clark
Charlotte Cross
Ella Fellows-Moore
Ellie Smith
Felix Wright
Izzy Palmer
Jamie Williams
Lissy Foyle
Louie Roberts
Matthew Edwards
Megan Huntley
Millie Gee Land
Nathan Livingstone
Nicole Kilama
Peter Flower
Tara Wilkes